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Welcome to the wiki for EpicDuel! This
was created to help other people/playersand do what they want! Please, you will
find this wiki pretty navigateable, just try
to listen and read the the rules! Others will hopfully help you! PM a staff if you have any kind of a problem here.

Please use the EpicDuel AE forums when posting on a descussion about ED, not this wiki. Keep the posts simple, but complex to. Please don't use many of the guidlines unless planning to make some speacil page, for that you need permission from a mod, or Admin. Videos will be accepted for live events, but please PM me, or any other ADMIN before adding a movie. Remember no matter what the event is, it has to be 12- years, that is because if it is too mature - some players are younge - abusive reports might be sent out. For posting a video without permission said you will be banned. Also, you can use Name Differ if your AQW/AQ/DF/WF/MQ name is different. ~Valosity/The Legendary Hero

I'll add more Templates/Formats later! ~Valosity ~ The Legendary Hero
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