Who wants to play EpicDuel right NOW? Well you can! Just click on the following link:

Hope you have fun playing it!

TONIGHT - Varium, Founders, and ALL Players can play!

EpicDuel is open to all players allowing anyone to create an account and play. Also, for the first time, Varium will become available for purchase. Anyone who buys Varium tonight, or during the first 31 days will recieve the once in a lifetime…. Founder Status!

In this Release

Everyone can create an account and play!
Varium Packages Available!
Founder Status for anyone who buys
(If you support the game during the first 30 days by buying a Varium Package)
Game improvements & Fixes

Founder's Duel Master Armor
For the next 30 days only, players may purchase the Founder Duel Master Armor. This powerful, rare armor comes with impressive stat boosts and crucial defenses to give players an edge in battle. With a unique design for each class and gender and full color customization, players can create a look that is as eye-catching as it is intimidating.

Remember, this armor will never be offered again, so grab it now before your opponents do!

EpicDuel (Beta-Evolution)
EpicDuel is a player-vs-player MMO that plays in your web browser. Explore, chat, battle, earn credits, and gear up with weapons, armor and battle items. Create a free account and play instantly in your browser. No installation. Free to play!

Customize your character and battle in 1v1 and 2v2 player vs player battles!

The Big Announcement Revealed!
Did the underworld just freeze over? Zhoom, Captain Rhubarb, Oishii, Thyton and… Artix working alongside the EpicDuel team? The secret is out! To take EpicDuel to the next level we have joined forces with the team at Artix Entertainment! The EpicDuel team is still completely in charge and running the game, but Artix has provided us with powerful new servers on their gigabit network and full access of their art, programming and player support staff. After four intense weeks of creating new weapons, features, and game improvements we are excited to be releasing Beta Evolution from the war room here at the Secret Underground lab. (Crazy, huh?) If you supported EpicDuel in the in the beginning then you just won the jackpot. ALL Elite accounts are officially being "Super Grand fathered in!" Read on to see all of the new features, items and improvements in the latest release of EpicDuel!

Chat and explore the world of Delta V

New Features

20 New Items
New weapon type! Bazookas (Auxiliary Weapons)
3 new NPCs, many old ones updated!
New character face styles
Player Housing (Phase I)
Battle engine improvements
Character models now have hips for better animation (3500 frames edited)
Varium Implemented (Elite has been "Super Grand fathered" in! CONGRATULATIONS!)
Centralized Buddy LIst
Balanced Skills per latest forum requests

Each class has 11 skills and a talent tree

Game Engine version 1.0.5 Improvements

Officially the 1st game to use the Master Account System: "One account to rule them all!"
Epic Duel is now running on multiple servers
4 new bigger, faster game servers on a gigabit network
New dedicated Database server with a full database & server side code rewrite
Massive Security and Player protection improvements
Spam Prevention
Cross-server Ban Manager
Factions now work across multiple servers

Bazookas and new NPCs have just been added

Coming Next

Leaderboards & Character pages (Rewriting the code to bring the pages up ASAP)
Varium will be become available for purchase for the 1st time next Friday (includes Founder Status & Exclusive Founder Armor)
Player Housing (Phase 2: Customizability)
New and easier to read level up screen
More armor & weapons
New category: Consumable Items
Player Tournaments
2vs1 NPC Battles
1,000,000th Battle!
EpicDuel is growing faster than ever with players for you to battle from 78+ countries around the world! We would like to thank all of our existing players for their support and making this possible!

Going Widescreen!
The game is now in a wider format to make room for all the exciting new features we have planned. Player housing and faction headquarters are coming soon so stay tuned. Plus, we've removed the advertisements from the left and right side of the game.

Website being updated now!
Please pardon the website glitches. We have just moved over to the new system and are recoding the site to work with our new database.

~Taken from the ED homepage.

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