Guidelines to posting!

Please use the Templates for examples on how to post in Home.

To create another color do:

[[span style="color:red"]][[/span]]

You can put other colors instead of red to.

To make it so something will fold up do:

[[collapsible show="(Here is what the link like thing is called)" hide="Hide" folded="yes"]]
(Stuff to be viewed when link thingy clicked on)[[/collapsible]]

To make the boxes like i'm currently doing as codes that don't react to what you type in is:

[[code]](Here is content)[[/code]]

To get another size text:

[[size (Size ranges from 1 to high, please don't EVER use over 120 unless your a mod or admin)%]](Bigger text)[[/size]]

For a table:

|| (Content) || (Content) ||
Also use the option on all the buttons when editing.

To link something:

[[[(Page Name)]]]

To make a bullet:

* (Content)
* (Content)

P.S. The triangle is a star ^.

Hope this helps you in this wiki! ~Valo

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